Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally Google Maps for iOS 6 Arrived

Google iOS 6 MapsWhen we are surprised by the advance system iOS 6 brought by the iPhone 5,we have found that its terrible map service which replace Google maps for iOS.Previously,Nokia has released a iOS 6 Map app called "HERE".It is obviously better then Apple maps although it doesn't satisfy the users.Good news for us is that Google brought its Native Map app to Apple store.The powerful Navigation function,the accurate map information and the easy-to-use maps attract over one million downloads just for two days.Let's get a deep understanding of Google Maps for iOS 6.

n some ways, the new Google Maps app is actually smoother, more attractive, and more fun to use than the previous version.You’re not going to see any menu here, the map is the UI. Panning around is super fast, labels appear quickly. You Zoom in,you'll see a 2D overhead map view of your current location and you can pan down with gestures for 3D.

Google Maps use voice guided turn-by-turn navigation much like using the Navigation app on your Android device.Once you find a place that you want to go to, you pick your location and starting point, and then you see all of your options dependent upon current real-time traffic conditions.In this way,you can easily find your way by train, bus, subway or walking directions while travelling.

You know, the most notable bug is that Apple Maps dropped the native support for transit directions. For this term,Google Maps covers over a million transit spots in the world and the app will suggest you the right route if you’re close to your destination.Also, you can know the details from the maps including price and others.

Through the Google local search, you can find what you want to know including addresses, places and businesses around the world.Also, when you intend to eat or drink or shop or play and need to find a place,you can also use the search.The stores you find come with ratings and local reviews to help you choose one.Otherwise,you can just sync your searches, directions, and favorite places between your computer and your phone.

The bad thing about Google iOS 6 maps is there are no biking directions offline mode (although as soon as you get a route, it is cached on your device), and indoor maps.But it is still a great maps app and it is now available for iPhone and iPod.Take this maps app and you can get a better maps service.


  1. This is one of the biggest technology fails in 2012 lol :)

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